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Johnny Cueto’s new bobblehead has a sweet unique characteristic

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Reds starter Johnny Cueto pitches against the Indians on Sunday, July 19, 2015, at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. David Jablonski/Staff

If you ever dreamed of creating the greatest bobblehead doll of all time, I’ve got bad news for you.

The San Francisco Giants just raised the bar considerably high.

The team revealed Tuesday afternoon an awesome-looking Johnny Cueto figurine that actually bobbles at the waist, simulating the former Reds ace’s famous shimmy when he winds up.

They’re calling it a “Shimmy bobble” apparently, but we’re just calling it “amazing.”

If you want to get your hands on one before it becomes an expensive eBay item, you’ll have to get to San Francisco on April 15. That is when they are being given away.

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