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Golden State Warriors still heavy favorites to win NBA title

The Cleveland Cavaliers swept the Indiana Pacers in the first round of the NBA playoffs, but a bet on them to win the championship will still pay a lot more money than going with Golden State. GettyImages-632137360

The Warriors remain heavy favorites to hoist the title, getting 1/2 odds from Bovada.

The defending champion Cavs are next at 3/1 with a steep drop after that to 9/1 for the San Antonio Spurs.

If you want a good value bet, take a flyer on the Washington Wizards, who are getting the same 75/1 odds as the Utah Jazz despite playing in the weaker Eastern Conference.

(The Wiz are down a game in their second-round series against Boston, but that is hardly insurmountable.)

Here are the odds for every team:

Odds to win 2017 NBA Championship 

Golden State Warriors                           1/2

Cleveland Cavaliers                               3/1

San Antonio Spurs                                9/1                   

Boston Celtics                                      16/1

Houston Rockets                                  16/1

Toronto Raptors                                    50/1

Washington Wizards                              75/1                 

Utah Jazz                                              75/1                 

Conference Odds

Odds to win the Eastern Conference 

Cleveland Cavaliers                   1/3

Boston Celtics                          6/1

Toronto Raptors                        9/1

Washington Wizards                  9/1

Odds to win the Western Conference 

Golden State Warriors               3/10

San Antonio Spurs                    9/2

Houston Rockets                      8/1

Los Angeles Clippers                50/1

Utah Jazz                                  50/1

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