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Ohio State basketball: Better than napping?

I had the choice of taking a nap or watching the Buckeyes take on North Carolina on Saturday.

I stayed awake throughout the Tar Heels’ win and didn’t feel like I made the wrong choice, so I guess that’s a sign Ohio State is making some progress under Chris Holtmann.

Watching these Buckeyes is less appealing than supplemental sleep!

They were clearly not as good as the defending national champions, but they were competitive and didn’t pack it in when things went south late in the first and early in the second half.

Ohio State still can’t shoot, but they handled the ball better than earlier in the season and looked generally competent overall.

Big Ten play should present a lot of winnable games. Few, if any, gimmes but not many where Ohio State is clearly inferior.

Who knows, maybe a month from now they’ll even be better than they are today.

That feeling was absent not only last year but for most of the last five.

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