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Taco Bell french fries: A retro reason to ‘run for the border’ again

The race for best news of the day was over by 8 o’clock Thursday.

Taco Bell is bringing back french fries! newsengin-20877479_nacho_fries

If you’re confused by the “bringing back” part, allow me to explain: Taco Bell french fries were tested for a short time back in the 1990s, and the ol’ Miami Valley was one of the markets that had them. 

They weren’t available everywhere, so I have more times than I should probably admit over the years regaled fellow fast food lovers not fortunate enough to have grown up in the Dayton area with tales of that delicious fried potato experiment. 

Yes, I have fond memories of sitting at the Taco Bell on Colonel Glenn Highway chowing down on those bad boys covered in nacho cheese and ground beef back, probably after buying Metallica’s “Garage Inc.” from Best Buy.   

(These are but two examples of what an exciting life I have lived, I know.)

How it worked then is apparently similar to how it will work now: Pretty much anything you could get on nachos also came on top of french fries instead.

It was truly an amazing time to be alive.

Now everyone apparently will get the chance to find out just what true fast food perfection tastes like! 

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