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Here’s another ridiculous play by Billy Hamilton

5:00 pm Sep. 24, 2017

Not many players can score a run after being picked off first base.
Of course, Billy Hamilton is not most players.

He got an assist here by some bad Red Sox defense, but there’s no reason to apologize.
His crazy legs still brought it home.
A run is a run, right Reds fans?

WATCH: Buckeyes talk about getting over Oklahoma, getting ready for Army

3:15 pm Sep. 14, 2017

Ohio State football is facing a weird week.

The Buckeyes are coming off a loss to Oklahoma, one that presented a lot of teachable moments for the defense and created even more questions about the offense.

However, they say they are going to have to wait to apply those lessons until taking care of visiting Army this weekend.

The Black Knights’ triple-option offense requires too much attention to let their

Good news for fans of power football

1:20 pm Aug. 8, 2017

If you are an aficionado of power football (like me), you might feel under siege at times.

We ran just about anything during my high school career — as long as it came from Woody Hayes’ playbook.

Veer, iso, speed traps, counters, crossbucks, sweeps — we played all the hits, sometimes from the Fullhouse and others from the I.

I always saw the wing-T as a different breed, though. When we were facing